Boat Booking Assistance

Wish to charter out your boat? Send us the details and we will recommend the best available options for involving your yacht in the charter business.


Many yacht owners often consider to somehow reduce the costs of owning the yacht. Since it is hard to have any influence on various fixed costs that usually appear for your yachts during the year, a way to utilise these costs is to make your yacht commercial in charter bussiness.

Our Booking assistance has a very flexible approach for the yacht owners since both the maintenance and the decision about the periods available for charter is completely in your hands -  the only thing we organise for you is finding the charter clients for the periods which 
you decide to rent.

The system is very simple and depends on whether your boat is already involved in the charter business or not. If you are an experienced charter boat owner you've probably learned some lessons from closed charter management systems with often centralized charter incomes and maintenance expenses. 

Without any or with only limited influence on your charter incomes and yearly costs, your boat could be under-performing in both directions. We are here to increase your numbers – more charter bookings with more charter incomes directly in your own wallet.

If you have a boat and consider using it in charter business for the first time, send us some details and we will recommend the best available options. In order to estimate the charter potential for your boat, you have to initially inform us about your boat model & location of your boat - we will analyse the market and make a free of charge proposal for involving your yacht in the charter business.

We are confident that our Booking Assistance is the best way to cover some of your yearly fixed costs - feel free to contact us for more information.

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