Boat Charter Management

At Naked Yachting we have a selection of reliable charter companies for the challenging task of preparing, maintaining and chartering out your boat.


If you don't have a berth for your new yacht, don't have the time and technical knowledge to maintain it and finally don't have the intention to use the yacht for more than around month per year, charter management could be the right choice for owning the yacht and keeping the balance.

Although it may sound simple, whether you consider involving your present boat or buying a new or a used boat for charter business, it most certainly means entering into a complex tangle of relationships and decisions which you will have to make during the charter management contract period.

Charter management is a set of large number of pre-agreed services and activities which a charter company provides to the boat owner while using the boat in commercial charter activity.

There are several types of available charter management programs available worldwide depending on the boat type, financing, incomes structure and owner's benefits.

There is also a vast number of charter management providers and companies present on the market - most of them vary in the quality of provided services but there is a huge difference as well in the amount of charged fees and a lot of small details which should have been resolved before entering into such a long-term agreement.

The most important thing you can do within all charter management programs is to stay involved with your boat. We have been involved with a large number of charter companies all over Europe during a long time period and we have gained a lot of experience from the charter boat owner's view. Eventually we have made a selection of serious and reliable charter companies that we would let the extensive and challenging job of preparing, maintaining and using of our own boat in charter.

If you are interested in the charter management figures please feel free to contact us!

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