Boat Sales Service

Naked Yachting provides you with a full boat buying service. From choosing your boat to closing the deal, we'll guide you every step of the way for a pleasant and satisfactory boat buying experience.


When buying a boat, the first step is to find the boat that meets your requirements. We will provide you the information requested and if satisfying we will arrange an inspection. The Sellers are most of the times present at the inspection. A short sea trial of the boat can also take place.

If you have found the boat you wish to buy the next step is to negotiate the price for your boat and the terms of payment and delivery between you and the seller. We will prepare the purchase and sale contract with all details of the transaction including the inventory list included in the sale. It is an agreement between you and the Seller and will be signed by both.

If you wish, at this point you can invite a surveyor to perform a survey and agree on the contract subject to that survey. You will not be asked to perform any payment before all legal aspects have been settled. Note that you are more than welcome to hire a consulting company or a solicitor to represent you at the purchase.

Deposit payment for the boat within a few days after the signing of the contract is requested in order to have a legally binding agreement. The balance payment will be transferred only after resolving all legal requirements after all required documents have been handed to us. Purchase & sale contract and the bill of sale will be notarized by a public notary/apostille.

When Naked Yachting receives the confirmation of the Seller that he has received the payment, we will hand you the ownership documents and the Seller will proceed with the de-registration of the boat and cancel the insurance. The final step for you is to form the new registration of the boat and arrange the insurance. Export procedure – if applicable - is normally completed within a few days.

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