International Boat Shipping, Yacht Transport & Yacht Deliveries

Naked Yachting helps you carry out shipping and transport orders for your boat reliably and on schedule. We take the stress out of boat shipping!


In order to offer our customers exceptional international Boat shipping, Yacht transport service and Yacht deliveries at a competitive price, our network of fully insured boat and yacht hauliers, shipping companies and professional skippers throughout the world will surely provide you with the best in service and price no matter how big or small your boat or yacht, where she is lying or where her destination may be.

Organizing Boat shipping, Yacht transport or Yacht deliveries is a very stressful task. Most people forget how much time and effort is involved in organizing vessel documentation, road permits, marina hoists or cranes that can be forgotten or delayed when the unexpected happens.

With the experience and contacts that we have built up over the years, we can ensure that we can help you carry out all sorts of shipping and transport orders at any time, reliably and on time.

Contact us if you're planning to ship a boat overseas or planning a road transport or deliveries of your yacht and would like to get an estimate of the cost.

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